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Close but not close enough

A stroke round Saturday added 0.1 to my handicap.  Against par  the score was one over my handicap but the CCR was 2 under par.

Statistically the round was as follows:

  • Fairways Hit: 56%
  • Greens in Regulation: 55%
  • Putts: 31
  • Up & Down: 33%
  • Putts 4-9 feet: 17%

Whittlesea Golf Course 12th Green

The first two figures are just passable, and were not costly. There are two obvious areas for attention.  Putts were a little high, and the other stats indicate why.  Up and Down was just 33%. It suggests that I did not get the ball close enough with chips or short pitches. That was the reality. Putts 4-9 feet was only 17%.  The majority of these putts were at the outer extremity of this range, and a 9 foot putt is harder to hole than a three foot putt.

Once again the statistics reflect the importance of practicing my short game, and time spent on the putting green is time well spent.

This must be my work area this week.

On Home Ground

Whittlesea Golf Course 12th Green

Whittlesea Golf Course 12th Green

Twelve months of golf around Australia and the handicap crept out slowly.  Even when I was playing well there were occasions when playing holes never seen before meant a well struck shot ended in a difficult spot.

On Saturday I was back on familiar turf at Whittlesea Golf Club. 2009 has not been a good one for the club. Black Sunday fires came up to the edge of the course, and for two months the course was closed. Mid-May the club hosue was torched, and they are now in the process of negotiating with insurers and planning to rebuild.  On course things are not too bad. The greens were in fairly good condition and holding, and the fairways passable. Despite six or more years of drought grass coverage on fairways continues to improve slowly.

Now to the golf…

It was my best competition round for over twelve months, but ended with a double bogey 5 on the par 3 18th. The results was still 5 under my handciap against par, and three under the CCR (Competition Course Rating).

Three poor tee shots probably cost me three shots.  They all went left. The cause  – tension. On each of those shots I was thinking about the importance of a good tee shot to set up a good scoring opportunity rather than just putting the ball in a good position. The hands and arms tightened, and the ball was pulled or hooked left.

Even after a good round there are things to be learned.  There is more work to be done on the mental game and my pre-shot routine.

So am I frustrated with a double bogey finish? You bet I am – but winning the A Grade and dropping my handicap by .6 means that it hurts very little.