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Tiger back?

The announcement has been made. Tiger Woods is to return to the PGA Tour at the Masters. Click here for detailed report.

It is not surprising that Woods would choose the Masters to return.  Whenever he returned the media circus will be enormous, and public interest extremely high.  Whenever it happened it was going to be chaos for media and public.

The Masters is the most controlled and controllable of tournaments. Tickets are limited and crowds are well controlled. Security is high – and you  can expect it to be ramped up a notch this year.  It is the perfect time for Woods to return.

Thus far Woods has refused to respond to questions. He has dealt with the media on his terms. Press statements have been issued, and his one public performance was a pre-prepared statement that he read leave. No questions thanks!

He may be the greatest golfer in the world at present. His swing and statistics can be analysed at length, but don’t expect frank, open and honest discussion about the issues that he continues to face.  Tiger will be under scrutiny in areas of his life that he has kept hidden for many years.

Tiger will continue his efforts to keep the media out of his life, and the golfing part of the media will respect that. They need him on the golf course. The tabloid press and the entertainment media will not be so accommodating.  Watching the media scrum may be more interesting that watching the Masters!

Stick to your home course

Well. Tiger has broken his silence and admitted to an affair.  Lots have been written about the situation that got Tiger into the headlines for non-golfing reasons.

The Cadillac will be repaired or replaced. Tiger’s reputation and earnings will take a hit. He will survive.

I hope that his marriage also survives, for it too has taken a big hit. I hope this passes into history before his kids are old enough to suffer badly from it.

So what do we learn from this sorry episode?

My take is simple.  When it comes to playing golf  it is OK to play around, in marriage stick to your home course!

Bad Drive

Tiger has made the news for non-golfing reasons this weekend.

For someone who has avoided any bad press this little episode at least let’s us know that life is not always perfect for the world’s greatest golfer.

When most of us have a bad drive no-one knows. For Tiger it meant front page all around the world. Such publicity is the price of fame. Unfortunately not all media outlets are committed to objective truth, and speculative or imaginative reporting ends up being far more damaging that contact with a fire hydrant. Why not back off and just report the facts as they are known? It’s about selling newspapers, and nothing helps that more than a little salacious and unfounded gossip.

Tiger could help himself now by fronting the media, and the police, and making a statement about what happened. Until he does others are going to fill in the blanks with whatever beats this thing up even more.

Tiger Woods and $3 million dollars.

There is no doubt that getting Tiger Woods out to the Australian Masters was a marketing winner.

Tiger drew the crowds, gained the publicity and even won the tournament. For winning he got less than $300,000. For being here he got ten times that amount.

Tiger is to be admired for his achievements, golfing skills and work ethic.  He is, without doubt, the best golfer in the world at present.  He is also one of the richest golfers in the world. $3 million is simply icing on a very large cake. I hope he does something worthwhile with the little bonus.  Lots of schools, orphanages, refugee centres and medical facilities in the developing world would welcome even half of his after-tax return.

One question I have from this comes from a pre-tournament interview.  Tiger competed in the President’s Cup in Australia a few years back, but it is over the years since he last competed in an Australian tournament.  He openly praises the sand-belt courses as among the best in the world, yet it is ten years since he deigned to play in an Australian tournament.  The reason it has been so long – his schedule would not allow it!

OK, so Tiger takes November as his holiday break. He didn’t this year! Why? His scheduled allowed it.

Who controls Tiger’s schedule? Let’s face it – if Tiger had really wanted to come to Australia and play on our wonderful courses he would have been here years ago. As one of the world’s great ambassadors for the game of golf it must be hard to be straight up and say – I would have liked to come here earlier, but your sponsors wouldn’t come up with enough money for me to bother!

I,  too, would love to play at Kingston Heath, at Royal Melbourne, or any number of great golf courses… I can be straight up and say, “On my income, I can’t afford it”.   Tiger doesn’t have that problem.

If an invitation came and it was not possible to accept the invitation I am happy to admit to a conflict where work or family must take priority.  Tiger could have done that, but chose to say his ‘schedule’ would not allow it. In ten years he could not find the time to play golf in an Australian tournament. Let’s face it, Tiger chose not to come.

You know something, I do not mind that he did not come. He has his reasons, and that’s OK,  just don’t give us the line that for the last ten years a visit down under wouldn’t fit in the schedule.  It’s not about the schedule;  it is about the money!