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A check up….

There is a big difference between what you think you are doing and what you really are doing! Thursday lunchtime was a reality check.

To achieve my golfing goal this year I figured a lesson was needed. My club pro is AAA rated, and has a good reputation with the members. So off I went.  After the introductions it was down to business. I shared my general stats and error patterns before hitting a few balls. It was the normal “OK, let’s have a look at your swing” exercise.

Half an hour later I have a changed set up, a different  follow through line, and some new swing thoughts and images to apply. Interestingly enough a couple of the points he made were exactly the same made by Rohan Dummet three years ago. When he identified that flaw in my set up it was another one of those ‘aha’ moments.  My concentration had been so focussed on alignment that I had forgotten about setting up so that my weight can be behind the ball at impact.

The challenge now is embed the new setup and swing path, and put it into action.

The lesson was Thursday, I hit 50 balls on the range Friday afternoon and then played a 2 ball nine holes before dark. Along the way the new set up and swing image were my priority, so the score was irrelevant (sort of).

Until the ninth I would hit one straight drive and one off line. On 8 and 9 all drives went close to the lines intended. Long irons were not fantastic, but the short shots (less than 100 meters) went straighter.

State of Play: More work to be done but positive signs.

Next action: Practice adjusted swing tomorrow morning, then play in the competition.  An update will hit the net tomorrow evening.