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Aussie leads Putts per Round stats.

After two tournaments in 2010  Australian professional Matt Jones leads the PGA Tour stats for putts per round. It sounds like a great feat, but statistics can be misleading. Matt has only played one tournament, and failed to make the cut. We can only hope the his PPR stat remains low, and his Cuts Made numbers increase.

In two rounds he did not miss from under 5 feet, but with driving accuracy in at 28.7% and GIR at 41%  we can be confident that he would probably be happier to have a higher putts per round ranking,  and a lower average score.

The first professional golfer

From the time golf began skilled craftsmen earned income making and repairing equipment. Not all craftsmen could play, but those who were skilled players carved a living out of the game. One of the great names of thos early years was Tom Morris the Elder – who not only made clubs and balls, but was superintendent of the course where he taught and played.

Scottish golfer Allan Robertson is considered to be the first professional golfer. The son of the senior caddy at St Andrews, Roberston was never beaten in a match for money. One pairs match he played was for £400 – a huge purse in 1849.
It was not until 1901 that British golfing professionals formed themselves into an Association of Craftsmen. This group was the model for such associations around the world, and preceded the Australian PGA by 10 years.

Today many people make a living from golf, but few of them are considered to be professional golfers. That group is determined by the national professional associations. They require achievement of a prescribed playing standard and/or the completion of appropriate training.

There is another path out of amateur status, receiving a prize valued at over 500 English pounds. Ironically that will not make you a golfing professional, but may stop you  from having amateur status.  The Rules of Golf include a section entitled Rules of Amateur Status (p163-179) in the current rule book available to all members at their local club.


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