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Murray Bridge Golf Course

A big green on a short hole

Murray Bridge 10th Green

A post Christmas bonus was a return to Murray Bridge Golf Course where I commenced my love affair with golf.  Two years as a caddie introduced me to the game and provided an understanding and appreciation of etiquette and the rules of the game. At age 15 I was then old enough to join the members in the regular competition.   My earliest recollections of the course were of six greens and twelve scrapes,  year round preferred lies (most fairways had little grass), and small trees scattered along the sides of the f airways.  With a par of 68 it was a short course, and it was all I knew of golf courses.

Over the years the course has changed, and for at least a dozen of those years my father was the superintendent.  With the help of passionate local members trees were planted, new greens added, and the watering system improved.

With par still at 68 remains short and vulnerable to big hitters.  Despite its benign appearance it still requires good golf to score well. Water hazards have been added, the trees have grown, and the greens are small. The boundary fence sits close to six holes.  Grass coverage on the fairways is good, the greens ran at good speed and putted truly  and the course is well maintained.  It was a pleasure to play the course again. It is worth going out of your way to play a different style of course along the Murray River.

One of the holes that epitomises the course is the par 4 1oth. At just over 300 metres it looks like a great birdie hole. A drive and a short pitch would do the trick.  Think again! Trees line the fairway and offer a narrow 30 metre gap before opening out in front of the green. The risk is high, the reward is low.  Although it is among the largest of the greens the 10th sheltered by trees and surrounded by bunkers. Shaping a second through the gap and onto the green still carries risk.  The key to this hole is a straight tee shot, and 180 metres is all that is required from the blocks. Anything less than that makes what should be an easy hole into a challenge. At 306 metres this hole is rated a the 5th most difficult on the course.  Golf holes don’t have to be long to offer a challenge.