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Three by three, and another 0.1

Back at Royal Hobart for the Monthly medal this weekend. Conditions were cool and the sky was overcast. There was little breeze. In other words, it was a perfect day for golf.

In preparation I was at the course at least 30 minutes before tee off.  About 30 shots on the practice fairway, a few chips and a few putts and I was ready to go.  During the week I had managed to get out on the course once, and spent time most days indoors on putting and chipping technique.

At the end of the day I signed for a 78, net 73. CCR  was 71 (Par 72), and the handicap went out to and exact 5.0.

Statistically:  FIR  64%   GIR 50% Putts 32 = PPH 1.77

Practically 4 errant drives meant playing for position rather than going for the green, and three three-putt greens were costly. Of five realistic birdie attempts (putts of 3 metres or less) on one was converted. A little improvement in any of these areas and lower scores should result.

The plan this week:  practice twice working to embed changes to my set up and swing. More time needs to be spent on the driver, and on the putting green.

Watch out for April

The Australian Handicapping system is about to change.

If all things are on schedule April 9 will see a change to the way handicaps are calculated. Click here for details.  Since my 2010 goal is to reduce my handicap to 2 a check of the impact of the changes seemed in order.

Under the current system  my handicap is 4.8, a playing handicap of 5.

Reveiwing my scores for the past 20 competition rounds gives the following results (based on ACR)

Average of Best 10 scores = 4.9. When multiplied by the ‘bonus for excellence’ factor of 0.96 the actual handicap becomes 4.7.   For me it means little change in the short term.

Where it will make a major difference is when the best of my scores drop off the ‘last 20 rounds’.  Fortunately the first ones to go are shockers.  Since my best rounds were in December I have some breathing space before the pressure starts to build.

What do I need to get my handicap down to 2?   Four par rounds in a row – and I AM THERE!

It’s easy on the spreadsheet, but since my last three round have been 7, 11 and 6 over ACR respectively it might be a bit harder on the course.