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Eighteen holes is TWO nines!

Weather: mild and slightly overcast, with a gentle but cool breeze.  Course condition: good, with greens a little slower than usual but no frost. Company: three good golfers that I had played with previously.  All set for a good round of golf!

Forty minutes on the practice fairway the previous night allowed me to experiment with a slight adjustment to my swing. The new swing thought brought a little more consistency to my ball striking, and a better swing path. Twenty minutes warming up on the practice range confirmed the change and confidence was high as tee time approached.

Nine holes later, 5 of seven fairways had been nailed. Two poor tee shots caused some difficulty but six of nine greens were reached in regulation, and one birdie had resulted. At one over the card things were going well.

Just why the wheels fell off I am not sure, but 21 points on the front doesn’t compensate for a struggling 11 points on the back.  Zero of seven fairways hit, six bunkers explored, and seventeen putts contributed to ten dropped shots in nine holes.   My concentration was thrown over a minor issue, a few shots were poorly executed, and my thinking was poor on a number of occasions. It added up to a poor nine.

Even so, one over on the front nine reminds me that my present handicap is a temporary aberration, and things are soon to turn around.

Shots to remember:

  • Three wood off the tee at 14.  The hardest hole on the course requires a good straight drive. With a poor history off the tee on this particular hole only one image was entertained – a good swing and the ball flying towards my chosen target. A good strike resulted in the ball finishing in the middle of the fairway two hundred and thirty metres from the tee and leaving a comfortable six iron to the green.
  • Gap wedge from 75 metres on 17. After splitting the fairway off the tee a good shot was required to the pin in the back third of the green. Rhythm was good as I concentrated on my two key swing thoughts. The ball started on my aiming line just left of the pin and finished two metres beyond the pin to set up a birdie opportunity.
  • Four iron on eight. At 175 metres into a gentle breeze it was at the  limit of the iron. Good rhythm, the left foot planted and the right arm coming through on the inside and the ball flew straight at the pin, finishing on line about 7 metres short of the hole.


FIR: 5 of 14    GIR: 8 of 18    Putts: 33   Points: 32

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