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One of golf’s predecessors?

Chole was the game played in Belgium.

Teams would use iron clubs to smite an egg-shaped ball across country to hit a designated target. The target could be a church door, a tree, a town monument or marker.

No prior preparation was needed, no fairway to be mown, no bunkers to be raked or greens  prepared.  Just pick the target and go for it.   How did it work?  Apparently the team would bid a number of shots to reach the target, and the lowest bidding team would then try to hit the target in that number of shots. But it wasn’t as easy as the game of golf as we know it.  Apart from the terrain they also had to deal with the opposition. After each three strokes the bidding team made the opposition got one shot at hitting the ball. They would try to put the ball in the worst trouble they could find.  The contest continued until the bid was won or lost.

Sounds like a bit of fun… and it would be interesting to try on a normal golf course.

For an interesting and informative read on the history of the game Steve Newell’s “A History of Golf” is a well presented look at the game and its different facets.