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Freeway Golf

Played at a well used public course yesterday afternoon – Freeway Golf.  While the course is in very good condition after some major renovations in recent years it was a frustrating afternoon. I was reminded of the benefits of  membership many times during the afternoon.

The course is centrally located just off the Eastern Freeway and about 15 minutes from the centre of the city. It is a short par 69 with one par 5, the first. Fairways are fairly tight and most greens are well bunkered and putted quite truly.  While some renovations are still in progress the sooner they can eliminate a couple of the older upturned saucer greens the better, and the contrast between old and new is quite significant.  As a course it is well worth the $15 it cost to play. As an experience try to tee off first thing in the morning.

Why does the idea of membership appeal? A four and a half hour round, waiting on almost every tee is not my idea of a pleasant round of golf.  Add the problem of waiting for stray players to move off your fairway, a group on carts including a long hitter in a hurry, and many occasional golfers or newbies and some of the joy goes from the game. Patience is called for on public courses.

The player problems aside it was a pleasant mid-week walk with good company.  Afterwards the pro said it was the busiest day he has known on the course, which has also experienced a great increase in traffic since early December 2009.

I came across this video. I wonder if some of those in the groups around me had actually tried to take this on board. It certainly looked like it from some of the swings I saw.