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Claremont GC

Claremont 10th GreenLocated on a point jutting out into the Derwent River Claremont Golf Course is a pleasant and interesting layout.   The views are great and the terrain is challenging at times, but there is nowhere for the club to expand or extend.  They have used every metre of their land to get to a par 71,  5700 metre layout.

The course was well maintained, and the fairways in generally good condition.  A dam between the 8th and 13th fairways has increased the challenge of these holes even though it is not aesthetically pleasing. This is one of the unavoidable costs of course maintenance in drought years.

The course:

A lack of length was offset by the the number of doglegs, and at time the significant slope of the fairways. Water comes into play on four holes, and another eight are close enough to the Derwent for it to be a factor in the mind of a competent golfer.  The highest point of the course is also a focus with two holes (10 &13) having steep uphill approaches, while the 9th requires a tee shot over the old quarry/dam down to the green.   The par 5’s are short, and mostly reachable in two (with a good drive and gentle breezes).   While generally a satisfying course to play purists will find the blind tee shot on 3 and the location of the 12th tee somewhat quirky.

The practice facilities:

When space is an issue practice facilities are not a priority. A short (150 metre) area is available for warm ups,   and the putting green is surrounded by enough area for a little bit of chipping and putting practice – more putting than chipping.

Cost and accessibility:

Claremont 1st green

Claremont 1st

This is the nearest and cheapest 18 hole course to my home. It is just ten kilometres away (15 minutes maximum travel time), and is the only eighteen hole suburband course north of the city.

Additional Benefits:

A friendly and helpful group of locals welcomed me to the course and offered some basic indications of the shape of the  blind holes.  They were also open to discussing the alternatives.

With reasonable green fees and close proximity to my home it may not become my home course but could get a visit or two when golfing guests come from the mainland.

Overall: A good experience that sits favourably with courses of comparable cost around Melbourne.

Search for a golf club

A few days in Hobart has been enough to guage the lie of the land – hilly. The next question to be answered is where to play golf.

There are four 18 hole courses in Hobart  and they are all within 20-25 minutes. Claremont Golf Club is the closest and tomorrow morning I tee off on my first round at the course as part of my initial assessment process.  The alternatives are a little further away and a little more expensive, although not exorbitant in their fees. I will come to them in due course.

And so to the challenge of choosing a new golf club.  The factors involved are:

  • cost
  • accessibility
  • quality of course
  • practice facilities
  • additional benefits of membership

Stay tuned for an update…