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Golfing at Guilderton, W.A.

Sand scrapes are not my preferred putting surface, but in some parts of Australia they are the only affordable and manageable option for golf courses. The choice is simple – sand greens or no greens. Sand greens win every time.

Guilderton is a small holiday/farming village about 100 kms north of Perth. It is a delightful little spot right on the beach at the mouth of the Moore River, and they have a golf course.

This nine-holer winds around the top of a small hill and offers a very interesting challenge for holiday makes, and good golfers alike. Distance is not an issue on this course, direction is!

From a number of tees you cannot see the green. It is either over the hill, or around the corner. Tee shots need to be placed carefully or will be in the tea tree – lost or unplayable.

Approach to the 6th green. Note the sloping fairway in the foreground.

Par 5’s should be meat and drink for long hitters. Watch out for No 2! A severely sloping fairway winds along the side of the hill, and a well-placed drive down the left could well end up in the scrub on the right – lost or unplayable.

Consecutive par 3’s follow. Number 3 requires a blind shot over the rise to a green just 150m away. Number 4 is just 110m, but is all uphill. A neat little par 4 follows where a gentle slice or a big fade will be required to get a long drive anywhere near the green on this 300m hole. Undulations on the remaining holes offer enough difficulty and variation to keep the good golfer interested. On all these holes judgement of distance and placement of shots is a key ingredient to a good score.

The sand greens were consistent,  tees and fairways have a good coverage of grass, and the course is well maintained. For $10 a day it is great value.

Conclsion: a neat little golf course that is worth exploring.


Donagara 8thDongara Golf Club is situated on the inland side of this holiday and fishing community.

An early morning hit off might help with the scores, as it is often calmer then. Later in the day the breeze can be quite strong, and a coupe of tees are exposed  to the elements.

This is a delightful little course, with the front nine offering some interesting challenges. Three of these holes have trees across the fairway.

From the first tee you get the idea that this course does not follow the standard pattern. Four trees stretch across the fairway at about the 2oo metre mark. Only when you get closer can you see that the two on the left are about 20 meters closer that the  two on the right. Perhaps the best option here is a lay up and then a 160 metre second over the trees.

The third is a par three of 195 metres. The flag is visible, the green is not. Have no fear. There is no trouble behind the green or around it, and a shot to the right wall feed back toward the green.

The next par three is just on 110 meters. Here a shot over the trees is called for, but it should ot provide any difficulty for a  competent golfer.

Perhaps the signature hole for Dongara is the 8th.  At just 245 metres in length it is rechable, or at least it could be with a tail breeze.  The short hole is made  more difficult be being uphill, making the carry over two trees that blokc the right of the fairway about 2oo metres. Add scrubb to the left and  right and the risk factor is high.  A great little hole that invites the golfer to respond to a challenge. The wise move is a lay up left. Not all of us are wise, and a one stroke penalty for an unplayable lie result in a double bogey!

A delightful little course – and a $20 a round it is well worth exploring.  When I played the greens on the front were recovering from being cored and had not been mowed  for a day. They were quite slow, but on the back the green were well paced and putted truly.