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Back to the course

After a couple of weeks it will be good to get back on course to play 18 holes where only MY score counts.  First it was fousomes, then a fourball aggregate, and then a week off. With weather warming up a little, depsite snow on the mountain, a day on the golf course is looking good.

My last round was passable – 34 points.  Sitting back when the game was over and analysing the round it was fairly obvious that I actually played well!  How can that be?  After a great drive down 13 I wiped the hole, one bad shot, a bad bounce (= one shot penalty), and too much aggression on my approach meant I had one shot too many. A poor shot was followed by a poor thought process. That is a recipe for disaster.  SO…ignoring that hole I still hit 8 bunkers and had over 30 putts. With that background 34 points was a good result.

Highlights and shots to remember.

  • Birdie, birdie sequence on 16 and 17. Both birdie were set up by three-woods to the middle of the fairway.
  • Nine iron approach on 6  that finished pin high and ten feet to the right of the pin.
  • Nine iron approach on 7. The swing felt good, and the ball flew on a line direct to the pin, struck the top f the flagstick and dropped finished about six feet passed the pin.


FIR: 50% GIR: 33%  Putts: 31 Score: 34 points  Handicap: reduced by .1 to 7.1