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Best Golf Instruction Book?

There are millions of golf books. They cover everything from instruction and information, humour and history, courses and characters.

What is the best golf instruction golf book you have ever read?

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Harry Vardon was one of the greats of the game.  Most players today use the Vardon grip (also known as the overlapping grip). We know something of his exploits, but most know little of his past.  Vardon was one of the characters who helped populatise the game of golf.

The name Frances Ouimet is pretty much unknown today, apart from golf afficiionados. Frances never turned pro, but was a remarkable amateur golfer who won the US Open, and the US Amateur in 1914 and 1931.  Frances was the first American elected as captain of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club.

In 1913 Harry Vardon and Ted Ray (both British professionals) toured the US. Vardon was the preeminent golfer of the time, and Ray was not far behind.  These three contested the US Open.

Mark Frost’s book “The Greatest Game ever Played” chronicles the contest, providing fasinating background that sets the scene, and fills us in on the aftermath.  Its history but a very readable and enjoyable novel that any golfer would enjoy. If you haven’t read it, chase it down!