My love affair with golf began at age 13.

At times the relationship has been intense, with much time spent playing, practising, reading about the game or just talking golf.  For  periods it has been more like an old friend that you see every few weeks, and the relationship resumes comfortably and does not demand too much.

Golf has enriched my life. I am grateful for the health and strength to play it, and continue to strive to play it better.

On the card after the second at Nullarbor Links

On the card after the second at Nullarbor Links

It took twenty years but I finally managed to arrive at the holy grail of a single figure handicap. I’ve still got it,  but its getting harder to maintain.

Golf has been a part of my life, but it has never been my life. I have learned much from playing the game,  enjoyed the company of some wonderful people,  and had a great deal of enjoyment in the banter between friends on the way.

For me, golf is best enjoyed early in the morning.  If the golf is not the best the enviroment can be enjoyed and wildlife appreciated. Even so I am happy to play golf anytime. Many are the times I have searched for balls in fading light at the end of the day.

Life is to be appreciated, golf is to be enjoyed.

Go to it!