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What has changed?

With my handicap increasing with every round there are golfing matters to be addressed.  How do I identify the major factors in my golfing demise?

A number of things have changed…

First there is the change in the handicapping system. Averaging the best ten of the last twenty scores instead of adjusting by +0.1 if the nett score was over CCR or -0.2 per shot under CCR has made a difference. Under the old system I would be off 6.7 rather than 7.8.  This tells me it is not the handicapping system that has caused the problem.

Second there have been planned changes in set up and swing. A couple of lessons and a lot of practice, and I am generally happy with the result.  I am playing and practicing more consistently that I have for years, but not scoring anywhere near as well.

Perhaps the biggest factor is my change of course! For six years I played on a course that has four bunkers, and three of them are fairway bunkers.  Miss a green, and it was a chip.  Miss a fairway and there you could generally make good distance towards the green. While water was in play on twelve holes, it was only a major factor in risk factor on one.  Now there are close to 90 bunkers on my home course.  Only four of the driving holes DO NOT have fairway bunkers, and all but  six of the greens have bunkers LEFT and RIGHT. The rest of the holes only have bunkers to ONE side of the green. Miss a fairway and there is a good chance you will be hacking out on to the fairway.

Is my course the reason for my golfing struggles, or are there other factors that are more significant?

Do we let goals go OR defer them?

At the end of August my handicap went out to 8 for the first time since 1995.  Now it is exactly 7.8.

Then it was over eight because I resumed competition after a six year lay off. Now I have just changed my home course.

Then I had good reason to be 2 or 3 shots over my previous playing mark. Now there are other factors, but none of them add up to the difference  (or at least I don’t think so).

Then I wanted to get my handicap below 8. Now I have a goal to reduce my handicap from 5 to 2.

Do I give up that idea entirely, or just shelve it for now?

Back to the course

After a couple of weeks it will be good to get back on course to play 18 holes where only MY score counts.  First it was fousomes, then a fourball aggregate, and then a week off. With weather warming up a little, depsite snow on the mountain, a day on the golf course is looking good.

My last round was passable – 34 points.  Sitting back when the game was over and analysing the round it was fairly obvious that I actually played well!  How can that be?  After a great drive down 13 I wiped the hole, one bad shot, a bad bounce (= one shot penalty), and too much aggression on my approach meant I had one shot too many. A poor shot was followed by a poor thought process. That is a recipe for disaster.  SO…ignoring that hole I still hit 8 bunkers and had over 30 putts. With that background 34 points was a good result.

Highlights and shots to remember.

  • Birdie, birdie sequence on 16 and 17. Both birdie were set up by three-woods to the middle of the fairway.
  • Nine iron approach on 6  that finished pin high and ten feet to the right of the pin.
  • Nine iron approach on 7. The swing felt good, and the ball flew on a line direct to the pin, struck the top f the flagstick and dropped finished about six feet passed the pin.


FIR: 50% GIR: 33%  Putts: 31 Score: 34 points  Handicap: reduced by .1 to 7.1