Last Saturday…

After a few weeks of improved golf my last round was approached positively.

My previous round (35 points, 20 of them on the back nine) was the best I had played for over a month. Statistically I hit 5 of 7 fairways on the back. Hitting fairways set up a sequence of 8  4’s that ended with a  missed birdie putt on the last.   After that sort of form I was looking forward to getting on the course again.

After 18 holes I signed for 30 points, and needed a birdie on the last to get that many.

What went wrong?  On six holes I was in excellent position for my approach to the green only to leave the ball in a greenside bunker, or even wide of a bunker. There goes 6 points.  There were other errors, but my approaches to the green  (usually sound) were just a bit off, and it turned out to be costly.

What do I want to remember?

  • My drive on 9.  With a little left to right breeze I planted my left foot to start the downswing and let rip through the ball.  A 250 metre drive left me with a chance at birdie on the 491 par 5.
  • Fairway bunker on 2. Ninety metres from the green with another yawning bunker a couple of meters short of the green. A crisp nine iron picked the ball off the sand but went a little longer than expected. It was on the green, even if I was left with a 20 metre downhill putt for birdie.
  • Greenside bunker on 17.  After three poor shots the 60 degree wedge came into play with a long bunker shot. I attacked it hard and was surprised when the ball landed pin high left of the flag, took a bounce forward and then spun back right of the pin to finish about a metre from the hole.

It was a good days golf. I struck the ball well off the tee (mostly), and my touch around the greens was very good.   The positive signs keep coming and a handicap reducing round is on the horizon.


FIR 47%  GIR 27% Putts 26

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