Revising Goals…

Six months after declaring a goal it is time to revisit.

At the start of the exercise my handicap was 4.9, it is now 5.5.

At the start of the exercise I was without a golf club, I now play at one of the top 100 courses in the country.

Before this year I had two lessons in 6 years, I have now had two in 6 months.

So where is my golf heading?

The statistics tell me my handicap could soon be closer to 7 than 5. In the next few weeks two of my best rounds will drop of my ‘last 20’. My last five rounds have not been in my best ten!

Familiarity with the course has made me more aware of the hazards, more confident in my putting, and more strategic in my approach to each hole.

Early season swing changes have settled in, and my ball striking is more consistent.

What is missing are low scores.

Where to now?

210 metres to the bunker...I made it easily!

My handicap goals have not changed, but getting there is tougher.

Continuing to work on aspects of my game that are off the mark – driving accuracy (<50%) and greens in regulation (<50%) – will eventually bring results.  Attention to ‘the mental game’ has already increased my enjoyment and reduced my stress, but is yet to end in lower scores.

My current emphasis?

Timothy Gallwey identifies the Performance, Enjoyment, Learning triangle.  No matter how I perform enjoyment remains, and learning can take place.

Golf is a great game.  There are no excuses, no-one to blame if things go wrong. I will continue to enjoy the challenge and strive to achieve my goals.

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