Facts vs. Feelings

At the end of the day the ball striking was pleasing. Off the club so many shots felt good, and I was generally happy with my swing.  At least two birdie opportunities were from under ten feet. The score card told another story – 28 points!

Statistics: FIR 21%  GIR 27%  Putts 34. None of them were good!

After 5 holes I was two over, but on handicap. The next four holes included one penalty drop (unplayable lie) and 10 putts, 9 of those putts came from within 6 feet of the hole.  A downhill birdie putt from 4 foot on the 6th kicked off an appalling sequence which ended with a missed 2 foot bogey putt on the 9th. Six shots dropped in four holes. 

Looking beyond the putting lapses there were 5 drives where it was not possible to go for the green. The fnal score was not helped by two penalty strokes – my one hooked tee shot ended in water on 14, and a sliced 2 hybrid on 9 (after a  magnificent drive that was on the fairway) ended in an impossible lie in the tea tree.

In summary, the good is very good, but the bad was horrid.  It was one of those days. All golfers live for the day when it is all good. Roll on that day!

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