Golf Links - the internet kind!

Listed below are sites that will be of interest to many golfers Type 'golf' into google and you get over 330 million hits.. 13.5 million are in Australia. Many of these hits are to media sites, golf sites, individual golf clubs, and the like. This page does not cover them all! One of the premier websites in Aussie golf. A very strong focus on the eastern seaboard means that deals, teetimes, etc. are mostly in Southern Queensland or NSW. An excellent forum, which can be dominated at times by a few vocal members (like most fora), and good news updates. Known and accessed by most club golfers it has a "Mates" section which offers a variety of features. While the club (through your membership) pays for the handicap section the additional features are available at a modest annual cost.

Ausgolf: A useful and very commercial site (aren't they all I guess!). Home of the Australian Golf Course Guide and offering their ranking of golf courses in Australia. The Australian Golf Course Guide is a useful resouorce that will save you money in many of the courses listed. Note that not all courses are listed in this guide. This site is not regularlay updated, but much of the information - rules, tips, etc is still valid and goodf information. Don't expect too much from the blog though!

golfaustralia: Site of the peak golfing body in Australia. Useful for significant tournaments, links to state associations. rules, etc. There is also a page on the various types of golf competitions that can be played. With the adoption of the USGA handicapping system in Australia in the pipleine this is a good website to keep an eye on! Steve Bann is one of Australia's premier golf coaches. Lots of helpful tips and instruction.

darrellsgolf Golf's an easy game. This site is really links to his books and DVD's. Helpful stuff on the short game that is worth a look.

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