Drills, exercises and practise 'games'.

Hold a club

Practice your grip regularly. There are some specially moulded grips that can be used to get your hands in the right position, or simply follow the directions of a good golf manual to hold the club properly.

Swing the club

Sound strange? Try swinging the club with your left hand (if you use right handed clubs - right hand if your use lefthanded clubs). Make sure that the clubface is square at the bottom of the swing. Swinging with the leading hand will give the sense of swinging through the ball rather than hitting it, and will help with your rhythm. If you do it in slow motion you will strengthen your golfing muscles and can check the positon at the top of your backswing, at the point of impact and at the end of your follow through.

Use a door jamb

Place the clubhead against a door jamb or post, then take your normal stance. Hold the club firmly and flex the shaft of the club slightly. Make sure that there is a little more pressure with your right hand. Hold it for two or three seconds. This is the position your hands will be in when you hit the ball. This isometric exercise is a little bit of muscle training and only requires a club and a door.

Practice Area Games

Rate your short game...

Using ten balls count the number of shots taken to hole all ten balls

Choose a variety of situations - uphill, downhill, side hill, over humps, over bunkers, out of bunkers, etc. Experiment with different clubs with each group of ten chip and putt distances. Set yourself realistic targets for each set, and see how you go under pressure.

Shot shaping:

For full shots three balls place in triangle a few feet ahead of you Hit balls over left/right balls and try to cut/draw ball back on to target ball (center) ball line

Another alternative is to stick an umbrella in the ground three or foru metres in front of you. Try to draw/fade balls around the umbrella and back onto the target line.