The Bucket List

Australian Golf Courses I want to play before I die

This list is not extensive, but is a realistic list of courses I would love to play if the opportunity arose. The reality is that any golf course captures my attention. Greens means the probability of playing increases. Good grass coverage means that if I can fit it into my schedule I will do my best to play the course.

I am open to suggestions. Neatly crafted resort courses are OK, but they are often similar in layout and design. Holes that demand thinking and strategic shot making with a strong risk/reward factor are most enjoyable, even if they can play havoc with the final numbers.

Overseas Golf Courses that would be great to play. (How long can this list get?)

The last few are more a wishlist that a bucket list. The expereince may be great but it is hard to justify spending large amounts of money on what is, after all, just a game. Contact with friends in other countries has raised my understanding of the privileges we have and challenged me to give more. Check out if you want to know more.