Golf, Life and Me.

At the age of 13 I commenced my relationship with the game of golf. One club, a five iron, and a couple of golf balls were enough. For the record it was a second hand Slazenger Bobby Locke 5 iron. Two years of caddying helped me understand the rules and etiquette of the game, and develop a few skills. Having a paddock out back gave me space to it golf balls and try out all sorts of shots.

Two years later I was old enough to become a junior member of Murray Bridge Golf Club and submitted cards for a handicap. As far as I can remember that handicap was 20. Ironically it was 20 years after I started in golf that my handicap reached single figures. It is still a single figure, but if the USGA handicapping system is adopted in Australia it may not be!

Golf is not my life, and my vocation has taken me to a number of Australian states.

For all but six years I have been a member of a golf club - and am currently at club number 8. This one is sa club of convenience with two good courses. I keep my handicap, and get to play a few rounds there occasionally.

Golf is played according to a budget. Money is no object for some people, but I am not one of them. Check out the list of courses played and you will see few that charge big bucks. The more 'exclusive clubs' I have played have been visited on special occasions. Royal Adelaide and Kooyonga (one of my favourite courses) were played during Country Week Golf, The National Ocean Course during the Aussie Mid-Amateur and St.Andrews was a gift from my kids. Where discounts are available (try the Australian Golf Course Guide) they make a difference, and sometimes playing in a competition is cheaper than paying green fees.

My golf clubs are not new. Currently my irons are about 16 years old (due for change), my putter is a second hand Odyssey that suits me fine, and my driver is two years old. My bag also contains a Cobra hybrid (on permaent loan from family, and may include a non-descript Lob Wedge or Lind Golf gap from time to time.

Golfing highlights include a hole-in-one, playing St.Andrews, qualifying for the Tasmanian Open (a long time ago) , and playing in the first two Australian Mid-Amateur Championships. I am a golfer.

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It is my hope that you will enjoy my reflections on the game, and the information available at but most of all the you enjoy life and enjoy golf.